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COVID-19 Safety plan

Masks and face shields
Wearing a mask or face shield is required when in any indoor space at Hi Pro Coatings. Signage is posted at all entrances of the building to alert every person entering. All employees must acknowledge that they have received training on mask and face shield protocols. Masks, sanitizer, and gloves are provided to employees and clients if they do not have their own masks for entry.


Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer is available for employees and clients at the entrance & exit.


Sanitization Protocols

- Powered equipment: after each use and at the beginning and end of each shift

- Bathrooms: every 4 hours

- Office: door handles, front desk, coffee machine, plexiglass, POS machine, phones, office supplies (including pens, calculators, staplers) after entry of any client into the office and every 4 hours

- Plexiglass: A plexiglass barrier has been installed at the front desk for the office staff to provide protection and distance between client and office staff during inquiries and purchase transactions


Location Occupancy

- Management ensures that the number of members permitted in the location at any one time complies with local requirements and in any event is at a safe level. They have also taken steps to ensure employees and clients are properly socially distanced.

- We have instituted measures to properly evaluate capacity in the building by following the BC CDC guidelines.


Workplace/Employee Policies
We implemented changes to our workplace operational policies including, the steps to be taken if an illness arises at the workplace, asking recommended screening questions and optional temperature screens for our employees and clients prior to entry. Our employees are required to stay at home if they feel ill and to inform management if they start to feel ill while at work. The following are other measures we have implemented:

- All employees are expected to wear a mask/face covering at all times during their shift except when eating, working alone outdoors or working alone

- Employee Breakroom:

  • All employee breaks are taken at separate times to ensure employees have adequate space while occupying the breakroom
  • Food provided by management consists of boxed lunches – no buffet style
  • Sanitizing wipes are available to employees

-  Employees are notified regarding employees who test positive for COVID-19


Training and Communication Plans
Communication plans and training materials were developed to ensure that everyone entering the workplace, including employees and clients, was informed of increased safety measures to keep themselves safe while in the workplace including:

  • Proper handwashing practices;
  • Informing our employees on the policies we implemented regarding staying home when they are sick;
  • Trained our office staff to monitor workers and the workplace to ensure compliance with our policies and procedures;
  • First aid attendant guidelines when responding to an incident;
  • Covid-19 carpooling guidelines;
  • Guidelines on how to properly clean your face shield / safety glasses;
  • Guidelines for handling a cloth or DIY mask;
  • Guidelines for how to wear a courtesy mask;
  • How to disinfect an area; and
  • How to prevent the spread.


Training and information is communicated to employees using various methods such as, meetings, safety training, signage. Signage on social distancing, proper hand washing and passive screening questions are also posted in appropriate areas of the building.


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