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At Hi-Pro Coatings in Langley, we endeavour to offer top-notch powder coating and metal stripping services. See what our customers are saying about our services. If you have any questions, please go through our FAQ page. Feel free to call us at 604-534-3338, or you can write to us at


Customer Testimonials

Excellent Service

“I use Hi-Pro Coatings on a regular basis and have had excellent service and quality. Great company to work with over the last 7 years!”

- G&C W

Great Job

“These guys do a great job and are transparent about the services they provide. My advice would be to talk to Paul (owner) to get the job assessed and nail down pricing, and put in the time for proper surface preparation. 

I vapour/sandblasted multiple components (down the street at U-blast, super easy and quick) before bringing it to Hi-Pro, and I would recommend doing the same if possible - it makes the process go by a lot faster. My bike frame and engine turned out great, and I'll be back for sure.”

- Paul S.

Exemplifies What All Small Businesses Should Be

“I called Hi-Pro today with an emergency request as our shop needed some metal display pieces powder coated in time for a car show in Medford, OR next week. I spoke to Paul Tut (the G.M.), and he indicated that while he didn't have the time available to do the job for us, he did have the special coloured powder that we needed in stock. Since he understood that this powder wasn't readily available and since he knew that he couldn't help us out this time around, Paul called over to his local competitor and told them how to apply the powder to our parts because, apparently, this colour (chrome) is difficult to apply properly. He then sent me over to his competitor with enough powder to get the job done. When I asked him how much I owed him for the powder, he waved me off saying that he was glad to help out and that we should remember him for next time. I volunteered - twice - to pay him, but he wasn't having any of it. This business exemplifies what all small businesses should be: courteous, helpful, professional, and dedicated to serving the customer first. I'll definitely go back to see them the next time that I need some electrostatic powder coating work done! 

Thanks, Paul!”

- Loren C.

- Jellybean A.

Could Not Be Happier

“I had a set of my steel rims powder coated here and I could not be happier with the result. Will be back.”

- Martin K.

Awesome Job

“Awesome job on the car parts, thanks.”

- Gary S.

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